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Fitting instructions Rear wind deflector Kaptur pdf - 3,3 MB Wind deflector
Fitting instructions Front wind deflector pdf - 5,4 MB Wind deflector
Fitting instruction tow bar Kaptur pdf - 4 MB Tow-bar
Fixing note Tow bar harness KAPTUR pdf - 7,4 MB Tow-bar
Fixing Note Smoker Kit KAPTUR Russia pdf - 1,5 MB Various
Fitiing manual R-Adapter pdf - 1 MB Accessories
Fitting notes FRONT ARMREST pdf - 1,4 MB Armrest
Fitting instructions Rear skid Kaptur pdf - 4,1 MB External customization
Fitting instructions Front skid Kaptur pdf - 2,2 MB External customization
Exhaust Embelisher pdf - 3 MB External customization
fiting notes storage trunk net pdf - 2,7 MB Layout - Loading
Fitting note trunk net vertical pdf - 2,7 MB Layout - Loading
Fiting notes STORAGE TRUNK NET pdf - 1,7 MB Layout - Loading
Fitting note filet enveloppe pdf - 2,7 MB Layout - Loading
fitting instruction load carrier - HHA pdf - 3,4 MB Roof bar
fitting instruction leg kit load carrier - HHA pdf - 13 MB Roof bar
Approval Certificate tow bar Kaptur pdf - 6,1 MB Tow-bar